Why do we want you to be happy?

Even the ancient Greek philosophers believed that being happy was the most important goal of life. We took it to heart. We create inspiring products to find your way to happiness.

Who do we act for?

We are committed to making every person’s life in the world a little happier. There are many more steps to go there and you can help by sharing us with your loved ones.

How do we really do that?

We have discovered that by living to the fullest every day, undertaking exciting adventures or inspiring your loved ones, it is possible to be happy. That’s why we create our products.

What would life be like without adventure?

We started publishing a Happy Calendar as 8th-grade students. We have noticed that the people around us are not happy. I didn’t know if it was due to a gray dark winter or something else. We decided that we would make people happy. We’ve released a calendar with one challenge for each day to complete that day. For example, “Hug”, “Smile” or “Drink milk” instead. Small activities to bring the joy of the day. In the first year, we released 1,000 calendars that were all over in a couple of weeks. That is why we decided to continue.

5 years later we changed the name to SEIK Publisher and started publishing other products. We also expanded our reach in the Baltics, Finland and elsewhere in Europe. Our goal in releasing every product is the same – to inspire people, offer adventure and make them happy. We have released over 500 different products.

To this day, we are a small team of young creative people and are constantly looking for new ideas to inspire you.

Rudolf-Gustav Hanni / Founder of SEIK Publisher

Our values

Elo Johanna Kuklane


We strive to be Sustainable at every step

We use these footprint reduction solutions on our products and services. Look for these labels on our products.

Where can you find us?

When we started, we were young people from the small city of Pärnu with great ambition. We talked to the first stores in Estonia and we were well received. The minimalist style and inspiring adventures of Northern Europe have found their way beyond Estonia. 6 years after the start, we undertook and translated the first products into English, Latvian and Lithuanian and met with the first resellers outside Estonia. A few years later, we also started making products in Finnish.

Today, we share inspiration in our online store and with resellers across Europe and beyond. Products can be found in America, for example, in Japan, Australia and elsewhere. SEIK products are available in 10 languages ​​and in stores in 11 different countries. You can find us mainly in bookstores, design shops, souvenir shops and also in larger supermarkets. The best selection is, of course, available in our own online store. And here you can order anywhere in the world.

We bring our vision to life every day, make people happier and bring adventures to every day around the world.

Projects we support

Buy one, gift another: Invest in yourself, inspire others

We believe that everyone must have the opportunity to be happy. That’s why for every purchase of the Calendar of Deeds, we donate another calendar to charity.

Cooperation projects

In collaboration with value-based companies, we can share inspiration and adventure with many more people. Together, we deliver products while maintaining quality and minimalist style, as well as offering inspiring challenges and pleasant experiences.

Today, we have cooperated with companies from many different sectors and different target groups – for the sale of our employees, partners, students or joint products.

Read more about cooperation opportunities

Join our team and let’s inspire together

Do you think this is exactly what you want to do? Inspire, motivate and make the world happy. At the same time follow your footprint.

We are constantly looking for cool people in our team:

  • Freelance designers, photographers, illustrators with whom to design a product
  • Creative people with crazy, innovative ideas, whose product ideas are published and inspired all over Europe
  • Carriers of our mission – marketers with whom to launch new markets, share on social media and find new resellers
  • And, of course, nobles who put together all the inspiring products and send them on their way with love

Sounds like this call is something to you?

Check out our vacancies. If you didn’t notice the right thing there, send us a letter: [email protected]

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