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Happy Calendar is a unique calendar, where on every day there is one good simple and lovely deed is written, which makes people’s day happier and motivates us to do small good deeds, which are very important. For example, the deed can be to thank someone, to give a hug or just to smile. Small things, which we easily forget.

Elo Johanna Kuklane is a young mother and designer. Her goal is to make the child’s room inspiring by bringing minimalistic animals and good deeds to the room.

Table Calendar is on the wooden base. The month layouts are with postcard size (100x150mm). It is printed on a high-quality paper and is in a beautiful box, which makes it a perfect gift.

The happy challenges and holidays are in English


16 MONTHS: SEP 19 – DEC 20

No need to wait starting using the calendar. Start using right now.


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