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Did you fell in love recently or are you together for a long time? Are you really a happy couple? To surprise your most loved one is always a huge challenge. What could be better than 100 adventures together? From the book “100 things, that every couple should do once in the lifetime” you will find challenges to take together. From our shop, you will find also other gifts to give to the most loved one.

Give a special gift to your most loved one.

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Free notebook
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25% discount
Free bullet journal
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50% discount
Spin the school wheel and win!

Enter your email address and spin the wheel. This is your chance to win free cool products, a gift card, or up to -50% off discount code.

Small rules for the game:
  • You can play once a day
  • Cheating is not allowed ;)
  • Prizes can only be redeemed within 10 hours
  • Discount codes apply to school products

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